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FAQ | FSC Creation


FSC concept is new to 0.9.19.X. This script will tell Flashtool what to do for flashing a device. All the steps from Opening TA, Closing TA, Uploading an sin file to Writing TA units.

To generate such script, the best way is to repair the device using PC Companion tool while logging USB traffic with Simple USB Logger. Once done, Flashtool can parse the log to build the script.

FSC files created by users will be recorded in [FLASHTOOLUSERHOME]\mydevices.
Once a FSC is validated, it can be pushed to git. In such case, fsc will be in [FLASHTOOLUSERHOME]\devices.
User fsc files will always have the priority over git ones. So if you want to rely on git, you will have to manually delete user generated fsc that are generated in [FLASHTOOLUSERHOME]\mydevices.

FSC are searched in this order : mydevices\[DEVICEFOLDER]\default.fsc then mydevices\[DEVICEFOLDER]\[MODEL].fsc then mydevices\[DEVICEFOLDER]\[MODEL].[VERSION].fsc then devices\[DEVICEFOLDER]\default.fsc then devices\[DEVICEFOLDER]\[MODEL].fsc then devices\[DEVICEFOLDER]\[MODEL].[VERSION].fsc


Before creating FSC script, Simple USB Logger must be installed as well as PC Companion.

FSC Script creation

russel5 from XDA recorded a russian video tutorial on how to create a fsc script